How to lose your accent


Practise your vocalic sounds.


Listen to and repeat examples of words spoken by a native English speaker.


Make sure that you open your mouth widely enough and read out loud for at least thirty minutes daily.


Practise the ‘th’ sound.


Stress the correct syllable if there is more than one syllable in the word


Speak slowly.


Watch English T.V.


Listen to something in English daily, whether its news, songs, television, a film or an audio book.


Buy a pronunciation dictionary and start working on it.


A List of Cults and Communes to look into:

The Manson Family

“Manson” made in 1973 is a documentary that shows the Manson Family

The Peoples Temple 

Jim Jones was leader of the cult and in 1978 led over 900 people to link together and drink a poisoned juice. It is still unclear if it was a mass murder or a mass suicide.

Children of God

Also referred to as the “cult of sex,” Children of God was founded by David “Moses” Berg. Berg preached to his followers about evolution and the decay of mankind. Berg preached that sex with children was divine and allowed. The cult was extremely isolated and the females were used to hook in more followers to the cult.

The HBO documenty, “Children of God: Lost and Found”

The famous actress Glenn Close spent her childhood in a cult, Moral Re-Armament. It was led by an evangelical fundamentalist, the cult was located in Pennsylvania. Glenn Close wasn’t the only actress that grew up in a cult.